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Quinn's Restaurant: Never going back again   1-Star rating

This place was horrible. Never go. The food was fine, nothing to write home about, and certainly not worth the price. The service was awful, and they were unbelievable and disrespectful.

- First, we sit down at a table with no silverware…fine, they’ll bring it later, right?
- Then, they slyly as “carbonated or flat water?” and you say flat if you don’t want fancy carbonated water. So they bring you TWO OPENED bottles of Evian water.
- So we didn’t ASK for expensive bottled water, but they brought it.
- And they poured the glasses full enough that they had to use TWO bottles…excuse me if i’m wrong, but if you order wine, they pour the ONE bottle you ordered. If you order a second, then they bring that, and you willingly pay for it.
- The water tasted like tap water. I don’t drink a lot of bottled water b/c I don’t like to waste plastic, but the one water I occasionally treat myself to is Evian, because I actually like the taste. After 20 min of debate, we finally complained.
- The manager played dumb for a minute, then asked “did he open it at the table?” which of course we said “no” in reply.
- So he bring us ONE new bottle and new glasses, and it tasted entirely different.
- The manager walks by when our waiter is taking our order and ‘jokingly’
says “oh, I had to give them another bottle of Evian, so be sure you charge them for two…haha”
- We actually get our food and the server is walking away and we have to ask for silverware. So he returns with one setting of silverware…we have to wait for three more.
- We eat some appetizers, entrees, bottle of wine, and desserts….we get the bill…$240. Fine we were expecting that for four people having a good night of dining.
- We were NOT expecting to get billed for TWO bottles of water. I’m not paying for two fake bottles of water OR the one real one that came out after complaining.
- We complained again. We were so graciously comped the two bottles of fake water and one $9 dessert.
- The manager, Jacques Poitras, was never truly sorry. He kept up this swag, talk-the-talk kind of attitude. Then he found out I actually lived nearby and we received his card for the second time and he kept telling me to come back and he would “roll out the red carpet” for me…blah blah blah.

All in all, it is like every other restaurant down there in South Beach.
They cater to people looking to have a fancy vacation. They don’t care about repeat business. They don’t really need to work too hard to get you to come back because chances are, even if you do vacation in South Beach again, you won’t choose the same restaurant. They just need some nice lighting, music, and tablecloths to get you in the door.

Quinn's Restaurant is located at 640 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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sediehl does not recommend this business.

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