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Hotel Ocean: New Years 2006   5-Star rating

I booked a two night stay at Hotel Ocean. I had a time finding the hotel because it was hiding behind an italian restaurant. I parked on ocean drive and had to find other parking since they were closing the street for new years eve. The hotel attendant at check out didnt give me much information on restaurants or anything nearby. She did tell me I could park my car with the valet or free public parking. Well it wasn’t free. It was actually cheaper thru the valet service. The room was nice, very clean european style. They gave us a complementary gift basket for new years along with champagne. The valet service sucked when leaving. The streets were still closed which was understandable, but we had to walk with all of our luggage around to the parking lot where they stored my car. I showed the valet I paid for parking and needed my car. He answered “thirty dollars”. Yes he tried to charge me thirty dollars without paying attention that I paid for everything and just needed my keys. After arguing that I paid for valet services and the hotel had my ticket, he just handed over my keys to avoid problems. I’d recommend a stay at the hotel, just be aware that the valet service is horrible and the front desk doesnt know whats going on.

Hotel Ocean is located at 1230 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach.

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