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Norwegian Star: No privacy   1-Star rating

Our friends who cruised with us on the Norwegian Star described it best as a “glorified ferry”. All in all despite the subpar food quality and other issues we had I wouldn’t have written this review expect for their appalling lack of personal privacy.

We had left our cabin around 8:30 a.m. in the morning from Breakfast. We were already back in port on the last day and had to disembark by 10:00 a.m. I had set the little wheel outside our cabin to DO NOT DISTURB because I knew they were cleaning other cabins nearby and didn’t want them coming in until we had packed and left. When we got back from breakfast we noticed they had turned the wheel off DO NOT DISTURB and upon entering the cabin we noticed that someone had came in and cleaned the bathroom. At this point I was fairly bothered because I value my privacy and I expected when I leave it set to DO NOT DISTURB that no one will enter our room. I switch the wheel out the door back to DO NOT DISTURB and we proceed to pack. Several minutes later we heard a short knock on the door and it was opened and in stepped housekeeping. Lucky for us our bathroom door was also opened and blocked their view of us. We shouted at them to close the door because we were still inside getting dressed. I hurried outside only to find that again our wheel was switched off of DO NOT DISTURB. I yelled at the guy to not enter our room until we were dressed and had left, and then we finished packing and went down to the desk to complain. We were pretty much brushed off by saying oh sorry that shouldn’t happen have a nice day. At this point my wife and I both will not ever sail this cruise line again and, if you value your privacy, I would suggest you do the same.

Norwegian Star is located at 7665 Corporate Center Dr, Miami, FL 33126.

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