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Hotel Nash: Not a pleasant experience at Hotel Nash   1-Star rating

It is with disappointment that I feel compelled to write of our recent experience at the Nash Hotel which was not a pleasant one. We met up with friends from the England and Belgium for a few days on South Beach before a New Year cruise. Our booking had been made in September after viewing the hotel on the web and discussing and agreeing on the rooms and rates with the manager who confirmed this in writing. On arriving at the hotel we found that one of our rooms The Penthouse Suite, was not as seen and discussed, when we queried this we were given one of two options, ‘Take it’ or ‘Leave it’. After a long flight and with eleven pieces of luggage between us we did not fancy trailing Collins Street looking for alternate accommodation so made the unfortunate decision to ‘Take it’.
The Penthouse had virtually no storage space, a small wardrobe with no full hanging facility, even jackets trailed on the floor, no other cupboards or drawers and the bathroom had neither a shelf or unit for our toiletries. For four days we lived out of suitcases with our clothes hanging from every available door. The Terrace was also a disappointment as it had no table or chairs, when it is described on the web as ‘being beautifully furnished and being perfect for outside lounging, entertaining and dining’. When we asked the management for chairs so that we could sit out and enjoy the sun we were informed that the furniture had not arrived, had there ever been any? The rooms also had a continuing problem with the air conditioning which was overheating. So, ok not so good so far, but worse was to come when the general manager who had originally taken our booking, informed us that for the last night of our stay the rate for the Penthouse Suite was being increased by over 100% as we were moving into ‘High Season’! As we had not been prudent enough to take a copy of our confirmation with us which clearly stated the rate we should be paying, he was totally intransigent and left us once again with the same two options, he also told us that we would probably find that most of the other smaller hotels in the area would be fully booked as it was New Year weekend. This time we took the other option and did in fact find a smaller boutique hotel a couple of blocks away at a third of the price and incidentally with great storage space, air conditioning that worked and management and staff that did not have an attitude problem. Incidentally we also met a couple who were leaving the hotel at the same time as us who had experienced the same problem with the general manager who had tried to double the room rate for their last night’s stay. As if the experience that I describe here was not enough, the hotel charged to my credit card additional $378.55 dollars that I did not approve or was not in my printed invoice. Not good business practice

Our stay at the Nash did not show the American hospitality or honesty at it’s best to us or our friends from overseas. The arrogance of the general manager was beyond belief, especially as collectively we had spent a great deal of money at the hotel.

Hotel Nash is located at 1220 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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