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Harrison's: Not a star? They don’t need your money   1-Star rating

Harrison’s Restaurant has the most HORRIBLE customer service, I have ever encountered in my many years of spending money on South Beach.  I went with a group of girls to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  The waitress came and took our drink order and NEVER CAME BACK!  After I went to the bar and bought our drinks, I saw the same waitress moving through the crowd.  I asked her why she didn’t come back with our drinks, she said she couldn’t get them and then said, “oh well”. 

The very next week another friend of mine went in with her girls, again celebrating a birthday.  The waiter rushed them for their dinner order.  They ordered appetizers and were repeatedly asked if they were going to order dinner.  And then they were told if all they were going to eat were appetizers they would have to move. My friend reiterated that dinner would be ordered.  When she finally got fed up and asked for the manager, the waiter replied “I am the f***ing manager.” She was told, to “get the f*** out”.  It gets worse: when she called the next day to get names of some of the individuals she was told by the same person to f*** off.  But, this is the best part, the man said “I have stars that eat here, I don’t need your money”. 

South Beach would love to think they get their money off of stars, but the bulk of their survival comes from residents right here in Miami.  DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE.  THEY HAVE HORRIBLE SERVICE AND THERE ARE BETTER STEAKS ON THE BEACH.  Remember, if you are not a star, and I quote, “They don’t need your money.”

Harrison's is located at 411 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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Felicia does not recommend this business.

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1 Comments on

"Not a star? They don’t need your money"

luv_sobe says:

yea thats some experience HOWEVER i know the owner and he is the SWEETEST person alive. Ive been behind the bar and fixed my own drinks there. The people that work there may have their own personality’s but as far as management goes they are pretty cool people. Im not a star…Im a model yes but not a star. Im a regular at Harrisons. But just like a stone being thrown into an ocean your little movement means nothing when your up against waves! Harrisons is great! And the majority thinks so!

Posted on 05/17/2007 at 11:39 PM

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