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Trapeze Club: Not as clean as Philadelphia   4-Star rating

i had the pleasure of visiting florida recently and being that the trapeze club was so well advertised on the web i decided to fit a visit into my vacation. another single female and i went to the club expecting a similar experience to the swing clubs of philadelphia. i was surprised when a bouncer started coming on to me and my friend going as far as leaving his post to follow us to bar. we did happen to meet a nice couple despite the cramp surrounding. but when we went into the back for a little playtime i was surprised to see that the private room was less then clean. there were used condoms on the floor and when we asked that the room be cleaned for our safety we were refused. so we made our way back to the bar to get a drink, but when we got to the bar we could not find our bottle that we had put behind the bar and the bartender explained that he accidentally gave it out to other swingers thinking we had left for the night and just forgot to get our bottle. we were so upset we decided to go and get a hotel room instead. i
will never go to the trapeze again! i have also heard they were opening a trapeze club in philadelphia and i will not visit when it arrives. my friends and i will go to better places to play.

Trapeze Club is located at 3660 West Commercial Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 .

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kittycat24 does not recommend this business.

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"Not as clean as Philadelphia"

robbie says:

agree with the attitude of the hired hands there. i myself will not go back after the poor service i received there from the manager/cashier

Posted on 05/24/2008 at 1:29 AM

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