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Miami Velvet: Not Friendly, Total Waste of Money   1-Star rating

Miami Velvet: Unfriendly people ruining a beautiful club. Miami Velvet is a beautiful club, well decorated, well lit and layed out nicely.

The problem is: Have visited the club numerous times and have decided we will not spend our time or money there again! We went to the Suns and Buns Fest for Memorial Day and it was one of the worst experiences at this club. The owner attracts the crowd with the members of “Bliss” being advertised as attendees but actually that is just what they are an attendee in the front of the club only and never make it to the back which is where ultimatley most people spend the latter part of the night enjoying their time. The bathrooms were not even stocked with as much as a roll of toilet paper! No soap to wash your hands with and not even a mirror on the wall. #1 their webpage needs to be in spanish. #2 they need to warn white & black people that they will be unwelcomed by the 99% of rude, hispanics. #3 they only play latin music. #4 the rooms in the back are completly unnecessary because nobody does anything back there because they are all salsa dancing #5 it’s not a “lifestyle” club, just a latin dance club. I hope to save anybody truly in the “lifestyle” $120.

Miami Velvet is located at 3901 NW 77th Ave, Miami.

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Amy does not recommend this business.

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1 Comments on

"Not Friendly, Total Waste of Money"

inspector callahan says:

well where have you been? havent you noticed that this is basically the entire “attitude” coming from not only “latino,hispanic,illegal e.t.c ,in miami , but around the country ! true americans have drawn the line and will “NO LONGER” tolerate this arrogance from citizens and especially the current administration ! the whole liberal titty baby “POOR ME”, i deserve half of what you have mentality is history , just like the current so called president ! miami velvet
will soon join other businesses that cater to this arrogant ignorance ! the english language along with “our” flag will soon be respected by “all” who tend to call this country their home ! the free ride is over !

Posted on 09/07/2011 at 12:34 AM

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