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Riande Continental : Not worth the savings   2-Star rating

Had to arrive in Miami one evening early for a cruise. The Riande had the advantage of being affordable ($109 for a Saturday night) and location (across from bayside, near the port, near AA Arena). Other than that, the place was horrid!

First off, the place has a perpetual pool of water in front where taxis let you off. We had to jump across it to get to the door. They say the problem has been there for months. The hotel staff was very slow and not the least bit apologetic about it. In getting into the room, I thought I had stepped back into the seventies. The room was a putrid light green color that hadn’t seen a paint brush in at least 25 years. The walls were scuffed and dented. Not just a little either. Didn’t find a remote in the room and when I went to the tv to turn it on, I had to guess at which button does what as all the lettering had been long worn off. Bad sign that the remote was long gone. Asked the front desk about it and the woman had to ask someone if we were SUPPOSED to have a remote. Said yes and the guard would bring it right up. Never saw it.

The bed had a sinkhole in the middle about 4-5 inches deep. The sheets and pillows have seen better days.

The next adventure was to find a coke machine. None on any floor. Went to the front desk and asked. They claimed that people kept jamming up the machines with improper insertion of quarters so they had them removed. Worst excuse ever heard.

My girlfriend went to the corner to a local convenience store to get a diet coke. She thought she was going to die. Had to step over 3 bums and had people watching her every move. And this was on the same block as the hotel!

The following morning we had to wait at least 5 minutes for an elevator as the other one was not working. There were about 6 people on it and it was a crowd. When we got to each floor, you had to get on quick as it continued to sink slowly due to the weight. We finally told people for safety to please wait!
Didn’t even bother with breakfast, not worth the risk.

The only reason I can see that people stay here is the proximity and price. Now I can see why it is so much cheaper.

Most people staying here were there for the exact reason we were. To stay close to the port for a cruise. No one we talked to enjoyed the stay or stayed for more than one night. And none were repeat visitors.

I knew it was useless to complain the next day when I checked out, when I didn’t here what I have heard at every decent hotel at the front desk “was everything satisfactory” or “did you enjoy your stay?”

My recommendation…sleep somewhere else or on the street. You will regret spending any money on this place.

Riande Continental is located at 146 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132 .

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