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The Park Central Hotel: One of the best experiences   5-Star rating

This past weekend was my first time in south Beach and despite being on no sleep and having the worst flight of my life. Upon check in I was greeted very nicely.  I have traveled to many places and I my self work in the hotel industry in management so I expect perfection when it is about hospitality. The Park Central is small but very cozy it provided small doses of many things service yes limited but they tried to accommodate and that to me was great. I went to lay out by the pool and just asked were I could get a drink and one of the staff members took it upon him self to get me a drink menu took my order and had them bring me my drinks.  I felt at home and felt the staff gave me the respect and tried to accommodate my smallest need.  The room is in fact small but the beds were amazing the view of Ocean drive was incredible and the accessibility to all surroundings was exquisite.  As I mentioned before I was a hotel manager and one of the main things in this i!
ndustry no matter how big or small is the service the staff gives the willingness to assist and the service of the concierge who make it all happen. 
The concierge of this hotel was superb she helped us have a great time and would not of known were to star if it was not for Georgia. She got us in to places made reservations and went above and beyond to make our short stay the best I have ever had.  Unlike big hotels of over 200 rooms the staff did not have to ask us our name every time we came down they knew ours and it was wonderful walking down and hear my name followed by a smile and how are you and how I can help you today.  I cannot wait to go back to The Park place Hotel to see the staff and enjoy my time with the help of Georgia to plan out my stay.

Thank you Park Central and Staff I will forever be grateful for my time their its was unforgettable

The Park Central Hotel is located at 640 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach.

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Gina33 recommends this business.

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