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Colony Hotel: One room decent next room sharp contrast   2-Star rating

I came to the colony at the last minute because of an even worse experience at another hotel…...anyway for the Colony, we had a decent room at first. It had a newly varnished hardwood floor with a nice new rug. THe bed was king size (which leads me to my next issue soon), the bathroom was really nice, looked brand new. Those of you who care about how the bathroom looks and if it is clean then this will be important. Problem—-> we booked last minute as a walk in so this was the only room available for me and my other 2 friends (all girls). Next day, we were changed to a room that accomodated our group size wise, but it was a dump! Old, dingy room, not well maintained. It had a mildewy smell. The bathroom…..DISGUSTING! The shower was small and discolored, peeling paint, and a rotted ceiling. The shower head spits water unto your body. To top it off the bathroom was soooo small and noisy. The best thing about the room was the TV (which is nothing to scream over either) Dont be fooled by the window view. We were on the 1st floor the first time so its understandable about the lack of view. The second time we were on the 3rd and we had the view of the next bedroom across. My friends and I split the bill and we each payed $250 (including tax). This hotel should be the price of a sub standard motel. I think the pics are deceiving. The first room was too much of a sharp contrast to the second. UNBELIEVABLE! By the way, there is only one iron in the whole entire hotel. So do not believe that amenity. Go at your own risk….flip a coin and you may get room #1 or room #2

Colony Hotel is located at 736 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, Florida 33139.

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Gigi does not recommend this business.

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