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Plunge: Opinion of Plunge has taken a dive   2-Star rating

About a year ago, Plunge at the Gansevoort was ‘the’ place on a thursday night. We had a memorable mb411 meet-up there and some of us (Carlos) were mistaken for the people from Miami Social.

I have heard that the place is just not the same, somewhat like what one hears about LIV. I believe it was Jess who pointed out that many things change in a year period on the beach.

Unfortunately, I feel that plunge has lost its luster. Perhaps its due to the ‘W” opening next door, perhaps its because of the financial problems of the hotel, or perhaps some success of the steak/club venture at the same hotel has siphoned away business. In any event, I can NO LONGER recommend the location in the sorry state it is in.

Thursday night, fresh from a wonderful dinner at The Forge, myself and 2 business associates went to Plunge as I had told them much about it. They are both fit, very GQ, though mid-fifty and mid 30 respectively. There was NO line. We were told “I need more females now,” and denied admission. When we told him were not interested in picking up women tonight, he suggested he might let us in but we would have a better time if we went for bottle service. That was enough, we were gone.

A few steps down collins, bam into the Delano Pool bar, doorman very happy to see us, NO Problem. Had a great time at this famous pool party—wonderful service, great patrons, nice sized crowd, and by the way (this means you mr plunge) more women then men!

So, I unfortunately have to add a second negative review to join the fountain blech, and that is plunge. As with FB, I will give them another chance, but thus was a said situation. It is good to know that stalwarts of quality, the Delano and The Morgan’s Group in general, remain steadfast!

Plunge is located at 2377 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

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fredgarvin does not recommend this business.

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