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Wish: Overated   1-Star rating

This restaurant was such a dissappointment. The atmosphere was great but the food was not!! We had chicked that was not good and when we told the server his comment was “it’s chicken???” for a “top” restaurant, everything should be good. The salmon was bland. The bass was just okay… The service was horrible. Our water glasses were constantly empty. The crumbs were scraped off our table as we were leaving. Our plates sat with our fork and knife in position for 15 minutes before being cleared. The staff was cleary not trained in fine dining. Trendy… maybe - worth the money and good food… no!!!

Wish is located at 801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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miamidinner12 does not recommend this business.

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Reviews says:

I have personally been to Wish and loved everything about it! Maybe it’s because you ordered CHICKEN!!! Who orders chicken at a nice restaurant?!

When I went the service was amazing, I was getting attacked by mosquitos and almost immediately without even asking… The server brought me a can of bug spray! I thought that was great that he was observant enough to notice I was being eaten to death. He even turned the fan towards me so the wind could make them leave me alone!

I never noticed an empty cup and anything being tasteless… I don’t know.. sometimes maybe the chef is on an off night and this was one of them :(

Posted on 01/08/2009 at 6:05 PM

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