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Puerto Sagua: Puerto Sagua -Just what I wanted   5-Star rating

My wife and I, along with 5 other people arrived in Miami Beach on 2/9/08 for a cruise on 2/10.  One thing I have had once before and was looking forward to again was good and authentic Cuban food.  Considering that we are in what could be considered the closest thing to being in Havana as legally possible, we jumped in and sought out the best we could find.

I researched various websites including Zagat and Frommers, then I checked with the locals.  All roads pointed to Puerto Sagua.

If you are expecting glitz, flash, highly ornate food and atmosphere, don’t come here.  This place is the closest thing to a Cuban family restaurant you will find.  You can tell that it has been in South Beach for a long time.  The walls are plywood paneling.  The floors are tile.  There is counter service.  The fixtures are well worn.  And the food is fantastic!!!!!

The staff is more than welcome to offering you their opinion on what is good that day.  The food is bountiful and the service is quick.  The very most expensive items ran only $37 for lobster.

Steaks came out tender and full of flavor.  Shrimp were HUGE and cooked to perfection.  The mixed seafood enchilada was to die for.

It was a Saturday night and the place was hopping.  We had no problem getting a table for 7 by calling ahead.  Street parking is non-existent, park around the corner on 7th Street.  The total for while we were dining was only $2 ... it is a public garage.

Great food.  Great prices.  Great place to watch people.  5 STARS from me!

Puerto Sagua is located at 700 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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