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http://ww" title="Prive">Prive: Racial Quota   1-Star rating

Two of my friends and I visited Miami for Presidents’ Day Weekend 2008 and decided to go out to Prive. After waiting in line for approx. 10-15 minutes, a black doorman approached us and said “You will be better off going to Opium [the club next door] because we have reached our quota on you guys.”  Since the club was still letting people in, we inferred what he meant by “you guys” was, in fact, “black females”. Needless to say, we were absolutely appalled by this blatant racial (and gender) discrimination. Although nightclubs such as Prive may reserve the right to be selective in who they allow into their venues, I’m pretty sure that this selectivity does not extend to someone’s race - at least not in the last few hundred years. As beautiful, intelligent (we are ivy league school graduates and pursuing careers in law, medicine, and engineering), black females who were extremely well-dressed (equally, if not, better than many of the Caucasian people they were let!
ting in), I was/am incensed that we were denied entry simply because of the color of our skin. In my 23 years, I have never been subjected to racism and this is just another example demonstrating that this issue is still alive and well in this country. Frankly, this will not be the last time anyone who reads a review about Prive will hear about this “racial quota” as we intend on spreading the word on their racial discriminatory practices.

Prive is located at 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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