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Tuscan Steak: Rave Reviews, Poor Performance   2-Star rating

With all due respect to all the posters and former employees that have posted rave reviews for Tuscan Steak, I must beg to differ.  We were seated quickly, the atmosphere is good, the service was fast and efficient.  However, the most important part, the food, was subpar.  I ordered the NY Steak, Asparagus and Mushroom Risotto.  The quality of the steak was poor— something I would expect from a low end steakhouse—not what I expect for a $45 steak.  The Risotto was terrible.  They used a long grain rice instead of Arborio.  They put way too much pepper in the dish and claimed there was white truffle oil in the dish.  There wasn’t or there was so little that it shouldn’t have been listed as an ingredient.  Finally, the asparagus was over cooked and loaded with lemon and capers, to the point where the lemon/caper flavor completely overpowered the asparagus.  This is definitely one restaurant that I won’t be returning to.

Tuscan Steak is located at 433 Washington Ave., Miami Beach,.

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cas5 does not recommend this business.

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