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Quinn's South Beach: Really bad Service   2-Star rating

We visited Miami last week and looked forward to our dinner at Quinn’s South Beach.  We were really disappointed. We arrived with our family for dinner on the early side on a Wed evening and were seated promptly.  Shortly after a group of 135 people arrived by greyhound bus for an AT&T party.  Clearly the restaurant was overwhelmed by this size party and completely ignored us once they arrived.  It took us 2 1/2 hours to get through dinner and when we finally were able to get a check, they overcharged us by $60 (charged us for a bottle of wine not ordered).  It took another 30 minutes to get that taken care of.  When we approached the manager afterward to complain, he simply said it was his fault because he was tied up and couldn’t get to authorizing the credit (something he has to do as a security precaution).  He presumed it didn’t ruin our evening.  He didn’t ask us, he simply made a statement and walked away.  With two teenagers with us, he certainly did rui!
n our evening!  I would not recommend this restaurant at all.

Quinn's South Beach is located at 640 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

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caseylight does not recommend this business.

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