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Da Leo: Relaxed atmosphere and great staff   3-Star rating

Last night I had some friends in town and after a nice day on the beach my friends wife was craving italian food.  In all honesty I have not been impressed by the italian cuisine on the Beach and I frequently find myself venturing to the gables to satify my cravings.  However last night my company wanted to stay close to the house so we decided to stroll down lincoln and find a place.  Da leo was the first italin resturant that we came across and we checked the menu and it looked pretty simple and quite nice.  We all ordered very different dishes and they all came out very nice.  My friend matt had the veal shanks that looked amazing and I was quite jealous that I did not order the same, his wife decided on the linguine al a pesto w/ grilled chicken, and I hemmed and hored over what to order but decided on penne vodka with grilled shrimp.  Oh and of course a bottle of wine.  We decided to sit outside and I found myself really thankful that da leo had invested in nice umbrellas because it started to rain a little and no one in our party even felt a drop and it was a pretty wild early evening shower.  Beside the food and the great umbrellas I was honestly the most impressed with the wait staff.  Not only were they on point with everything and extremely polite they were almost invisible when you did not want to see them and when you needed something they seemed to always be there.  And following our mean we decided to sit for a little and enjoy some wine and chat and the staff was not the slight bit pushy for us to leave so they could prepare the table again. This was very nice and we relaxied and winded down over some wine before heading back to the house.  overall this was a nice dining experience, extremely relaxed, great service, good food.  This would not be my choice for a date night or anything but for a fun relaxed meal outside on lincoln it is a total hit.  Go check it out.

Da Leo is located at 819 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Breck16 recommends this business.

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