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Prive/Opium Garden: Rude and unprofessional   5-Star rating

Do not go or even think about going to Prive/Opium.  The staff there is very rude, and unprofessional. If you go in a group, you are not guaranteed to all get in. They basically pick you to get in. If the bouncers, don’t think you “fit in” you or your friends will not get in.

We had a terrible experience on Sat June 2nd, where we had reserved a list for a party of 40 people. We were confirmed by two people at Opium Group office the day before (Friday) that we would not have a problem getting everyone in for free. And of course on Saturday, conveniently, they could not find that list, so they were super rude and let in like 10 people for $20 a pop, and the rest were outside until 1 AM still trying to get in. So we all decided to leave together. Waste of night and big time downer!! Not to mention people flew from NY, NJ and GA to come to this party.

The music inside was HORRIBLE too, they played Y100 music IN A CLUB!!! TERRIBLE!!!

Prive/Opium Garden is located at 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach FL 33139 .

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ncphottie does not recommend this business.

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"Rude and unprofessional"

Alyxandra says:

I think Opium also owns the nightclub, “SET” which is on 17th and Washington Avenue.  Both clubs stand by the same discriminating policy where the bouncers are rude and select who they wish to enter.  It does not matter that you have an invitation or you are with a party.  I had an invitation and a wristband to SET on Thursday May 2.  A bouncer let an older-looking party of people with women in their group barely clothed before us;  But he did not let me and my friend inside because he said, “you need to wear a wristband-no exceptions.”  Then we put on our wristbands which bore the name, “SET”. Just then, an older bouncer stepped forward but refused to let us inside saying “I’m sorry but you two are not dressed appropriately.” My friend was dressed like a typical clubber but he was wearing a visor cap on his head.  He asked the bouncer, “Sir, what is not appropriate? is it my hat?, well I’ll take it off then.”  My friend removed his hat and looked like a typical 32-year-old guy at a nightclub clad in black slacks and a dark long-sleeved button shirt.  As for myself, and I am a nice-looking woman, I wore black slacks and a lavender blouse which I wore to a gallery prior to this after party at SET.  The bouncer was still dissatisfied by our attire and went on to tell us, “I’m sorry but you are innapropriately dressed and I can’t describe why” to which he turned his back to us and started talking about us to the younger-looking bouncers and they started snickering.

Posted on 05/02/2008 at 6:58 PM

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