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Afterglo: Ruined Valentine’s Day   5-Star rating

After reading RAVE reviews in the newspaper I made reservations for Afterglo for Valentines Day. We were seated promptly and someone took our order for a NICE bottle of wine. The manager came to the table and opened and poured. He was quite friendly. After about 20 minutes our food order was taken. After about another 20 minutes our appetizers arrives. My husband bumped the leg of the table with his 6’4” leg and the napkin holding the leg steady under the table slipped and my candle fell into my appetizer spilling water all over it. We had to FLAG down a server (we NEVER saw ours again) and the manger came over and fixed our table. It took 30 minutes to bring a new appetizer to me. We never received an apology. Dinner arrived another 30 minutes later. The food WAS EXCELLENT! We had another bottle of wine hoping our night would improve. Dessert was interesting and the check arrived MUCH later. There was a 20% gratuity already added to the check and our EXPENSIVE wine made the tip OVER $100.00. As the service was ATROCIOUS (we never had the same person at the table twice-except the manager) and two tables next to us had 2 seatings while we were there we complained. The manager offered to give us a free bottle of the wine we were drinking…in essence offering to have us driving drunk. We refused and paid the check but will NEVER return and would NEVER suggest someone go there. The food rocks…the service is nonexistent!

Afterglo is located at 1200 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Sarah recommends this business.

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