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Goldrush Miami Strip Club: Scam   1-Star rating

Beware of Goldrush’s scam.  I went on 2/27/11 and opened an account using my visa credit card.  After a couple of drinks a stripper approached me and asked me if I wanted to go to the Champagne Room. I said yes. Then she asked for $400! I said OK. As soon as I gave her the money she started pushing me around and acting rude. When I complained, she told me to talk to the black fat f*** that they have at the entrance and she just left. I went downstairs and this guy just pushed me around!  Threw me out of the club and did not return my credit card. Later on I found a $300 charge on my credit card. Seems that this is their modus operandi. Beware of this!!!!!!

Let me know of similar situations…I will proceed with a class act process against them!

Goldrush Miami Strip Club is located at 29 NE 11th St., Miami.

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John1235 does not recommend this business.

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