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Johnny Rockets: Scraping the bottom of the barrel for employees   1-Star rating

Our hotel was close to Johnny Rockets in South Beach on Ocean Drive. The first day, we stopped by to order lunch to take to the beach with us. The guy who packed our food gave my husband the wrong change, and when my husband politely pointed it out, he did not even look to see how much. Instead, he went and talked to another waiter and came back and threw a bill at my husband. His response made us think that they had a scam going on because most people would have looked at the check to see if they had given the wrong change. He did not check, did not seem surprised when told he had given the wrong change, and did not even apologize.

The next day, we ordered breakfast to go. The person who packed up our food was very nice, but as we were heading out, a waiter who had not served us at all stopped my husband and told him we needed to tip. We are incredibly generous tippers and always make sure to give at least 20 percent for good service, but I do not tip when I order take-out from a restaurant, much less a low-end place like Johnny Rockets. We continued walking out and the waiter screamed insanely, in front of all the patrons, “Where’s the tip? Where’s the tip?” I felt bad for the person who packed our food as she looked mortified. Clearly this waiter had some serious anger issues and was a disturbed person, but two days of strange events in a row leads me to think that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for employees at the South Beach Johnny Rockets. (By the way, when we got back to our hotel, the food they had packed up was not what we had ordered).

Johnny Rockets is located at 728 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL, 33139.

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