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Cafeteria" title="Cafeteria">Cafeteria: Service at Cafeteria is horrible  

Ok… honestly I have been to Cafeteria 100 times before. Not only do I spend wonderful nights dancing in the back room… but I have also spent my New Year’s there twice. The actual organization and thought to this place is amazing.  I have also eaten there many times, the food is amazing. But it seems that every time I take someone new there I get a shittty waiter and the food takes longer and longer. I have a connection there, and even spoke to the manager (who sucks) and he admited to his own staff SUCKING!! The service for the restaurant sucks. I’m sure you will find an occasional good waiter! CONGRATS! today is your lucky day… but about 90% of the time that I have been there; the service sucks!! MANAGERS AND WAITERS should be fired… new management should take over. and hire new empolyees to clean up the act of that place. I once had the worst experience ever there, and swore to the mighty Lord; that I would never go back there again. But, the food is amazing.

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hoesay does not recommend this business.

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