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Larios: Service please   3-Star rating

I had dinner with my spouse on Nov 24th at Larios Cuban Restaurant. The service was so bad, we couldn’t believe we were dining in the USA. No one approached us for around 15 mins on arrival. After that, when this guy shows up, he took our order and left. After a half hour the food showed up. He did not show up in between to ask if we wanted drinks or anything. We hailed this other waiter and asked for water. He came with two glasses after a long, long wait. That was all the liquid we were served. When that glass full of ice was drained…we remained thirsty for the rest of the meal. No wine, no recommendations..nothing. When the meal was done, we waited for a desert menu or something. No sign of the waiter. We hailed another waiter down and asked for our check. Then, our original waiter showed up with the check. Thrust it into the table, gathered the plates and left. Nothing about desert or how the food was or anything. The funniest sight was the 17% tip that was added to the bill. 17% for what?? For serving ourselves. I think they make that a rule on Ocean Dr. But let me tell you this, waiters are becoming nonchalant and not courteous anymore for that. I have a mind to demand a full refund for that 17% off that $80 worth we ate. It was a disgusting experience and the food was terrible too.

Larios is located at 820 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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achowdu does not recommend this business.

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