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dek23: Service sucks   1-Star rating

Just wanted to let everyone know that dek23 was a good club overall, but the hostess/manager was totally an idiot! When we got to the club we were promised real service and received nothing of the sort. The DJ that we liked was moved to the outside and never even played because it rained. Furthermore, the waitress took too long on bringing us the drink mixers and glasswear. If you wanna get treated like a king don’t go to dek23. They definitely need to fire some of their snobby waitresses and managers and hire more serious service people!

dek23 is located at 655 Washington Ave., Miami Beach FL 33139.

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tartarboy does not recommend this business.

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2 Comments on

"Service sucks"

Whitney says:

i have to respond to the previous post….i love dek23! i was actually suprised to see this review because i have been on the last 2 saturdays in a row and thought the service was great! i was there with a group of girls and we were waited on hand and foot! i liked the music very much and had an excellent time! i will definitely go again, see you next saturday!

Posted on 07/16/2007 at 10:34 AM

Stacy says:

i love this club! you are crazy! good times, great music, everyone was super friendly! L.O.V.E IT!!!!!

Posted on 09/22/2007 at 12:37 AM

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