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South Beach Investment (SBI) Realty: South Beach Investment (SBI) Realty blows!   1-Star rating

They cost me over $1800 in escrow-related costs by making me guarantees that were not true (verbally and in writing), negligently advised me horribly on 2 issues that increase the risk to my escrow money, all along continuing to guarantee me my escrow money was at zero risk, nada, zip, zilch. Then, when I lost some of my escrow money b/c of their gross negligence and false statements (I can’t prove they deceived me on purposed, but I suspect they did), they wouldn’t agree to reimbursing me about half of what they cost me. So I said I would expect basically a full reimbursement if they forced me to picket by a certain date. They basically ignored me, so I started picketing. Then they offerred me my original request, but by then it was too late, I expected closer to the amount they actually cost me. After about 3 wks of picketing them, and complaining to FREC, the BBB, and everyone I could think of (or that someone gave me the idea to), suddenly my car gets aggressively “keyed” in the parking lot next to their building. In 36 yrs of owning vehicles, I’ve never had that happen. It’s a 10 yr old economy car, I’m out of work at the moment, it was parked perfectly straight in its spot, and no one else has any motive whatsoever to key my car, so who do you think did it? I told them I would increase my picketing in response to the keying, as otherwise, the bully wins…that would be un-American. Now my car is watched by security cameras constantly, and the security force knows what happened to my car, who the suspect is, and what to watch out for (and I reattached my car alarm).
Quite a few people that have passed me while I’m picketing say they have been taken advantage of by SBIR too!!! Beware of these guys!!

South Beach Investment (SBI) Realty is located at 1680 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach.

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