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Balans Restaurant : Sticky situation   2-Star rating

The management at this restaurant treats every customer like a one-time tourist, with no concern whatsoever for your repeat business. Of all the restaurants on Lincoln Road, there is nothing special about the menu or pricing, so choose another. We had an OK dinner on a recent Saturday night until one of our party got up to use the restroom, at which point she realized her black pants were smeared with white gum. The waitress was apologetic, promised to speak the manager and brought ice to try to remove the mess. 30 minutes later, the manager came to our table with a “What is your problem?” attitude. After telling him the situation, he eyed us suspiciously and examined the chair for several good minutes, as though we were the ones who put the gum in the chair and sat on it on purpose! His end response was “Why would someone do that?” and walked away, without even replacing the chair! At the end of the night, not 1% of our $130 bill was comped although he did make some mention of sending them the dry cleaning bill. NEVER AGAIN will we patronize this restaurant and I suggest you do not either.

Balans Restaurant is located at 1022 Lincoln Road., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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redbikini does not recommend this business.

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