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The Ivy Miami: Still under construction   1-Star rating

Building and community is still under construction, NONE of the amenities offered in all the Realty Websites have been even Built. No Tennis Courts, No ChildCare, no Gardens, nothing has been finished. Inspections are still going on and YES, they WILL come in your apartment almost every day without notice. Last week, Three times constructors came in for the same “Inspection” of the Balcony railings. Package already lost at receiving.

I am sure the building and the area WILL be nice once finished, but right now it’s still a mess. Lunch trucks are parked everymorning at the main entrance to provide food for the construction workers at the being-built MINT building. This is a very unpleasant sight and makes you feel like you are in the most getto place of Miami.

Valet Parking is free but a mess. Unexperienced company only has ONE runner for the whole building and the RAMP looks like a parking lot full of cars.

Soccer field turned into a Dog Park, elevators stink to Dog urine and humidity. Club House fees are ridiculous and the resident communications with management is horrible.

The Ivy Miami is located at 90 SW 3 Street, Miami Fl 33131.

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paquirri626 does not recommend this business.

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