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The Biltmore Hotel: Sunday Brunch, worth the treat   5-Star rating

Sunday Brunch at the Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables, is just one of those South Florida dining traditions. Its a bit of a splurge at $75 a head (18% gratuity is included in the check), but for that $75 you get access to a huge variety of food and desserts, along with (seemingly) unlimited champagne and fresh squeezed OJ. (I had forgotten how refreshing a Mimosa was @ 10am!) Their website says the buffet includes omelet, sushi, carving, pasta and tapas stations, plus a wall of desserts, but that is selling it far short of the variety of food that is available. A caviar (three varieties) bar and salad bar are just a few of the additional buffet stations that are available.
Dessert includes a chocolate fountain with dipping supplies, ice-cream, crepes made to order, tarts, pies, flan (but ours was a bit too custardy tasting, and not enough burnt caramel flavor for our taste-our waiter, upon seeing the nibbled on flan remarked that he preferred it as we do, with more burnt caramel flavor), and a “berry infusion that was berries in a small shooter that was delicious and very refreshing.

Seating is either in the tropical courtyard, or inside the restaurants, but I would recommend on sitting inside, for unless it is a breezy day or not that warm, the courtyard can be a bit of a sauna, and while they discourage smoking, there was one woman that did smoke and we could smell it all the way across the courtyard. Reservations are recommended and it might be necessary to make them several days in advance. We left the restaurant almost obscenely stuffed!

The Biltmore Hotel is located at 1144 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33134.

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