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Grillfish" title="Grillfish">Grillfish: Terrible dining experience   5-Star rating

This was one of the worst dining experiences I’ve ever had! My friends & I went there this past weekend for dinner and everything was bad - service & food.  Our waiter NEVER came over during the meal to ask how things were, he NEVER asked if we needed more drinks (and we did since we only had one and nothing to drink during dinner), and one friend ordered the filet mignon WELL DONE & it came out bloody.  After calling people over for at least 5 minutes (our waiter ignored us twice) someone finally came to fix it.  What a disaster.  There are too many places in South Beach to eat to waste time on this place.

Grillfish is located at 1444 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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Shari does not recommend this business.

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