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Smith & Wollensky: TERRIBLE service   1-Star rating

My boyfriend and I were looking for an upscale dining experience in our neighborhood to celebrate my birthday. We figured, 1st and Washington, waterfront steakhouse, worth a shot.


After being made to wait an infuriating amount of time for our drink orders to arrive even though everyone was being served around us, the rest of the night did not fare much better. The food was mediocre at best, but for the price and the reputation, truly disappointing.

I have to say, the most noteworthy aspect of the entire experience was the absolutely atrocious service. Whenever we needed anything from the servers we were all but ignored, and one of our appetizers didn’t arrive at all but they still charged us—even AFTER we brought this to their attention. After asking for a to-go box, we never received it back, even after we paid the bill. We ended up leaving without after waiting for about twenty minutes when we realized it was never going to come at all.

After comparing my experience with someone else they seconded my opinion, citing it a very disappointing experience indeed.

I work as a bartender, I am very accommodating when it comes to service, but I simply have to say, if you have an option, go somewhere else.

Smith & Wollensky is located at 1 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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in-th-biz does not recommend this business.

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