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Mynt Club: Terrible service!   1-Star rating

Im a foreigner visiting Miami. Ive been in some of the best clubs in many countries. And I have never been treated in a club this bad before. Im talking about Club Mynt in Miami. The guys at the door are rude and have bad manners. and only let inn who they think its ok. Its a shame they are that dumb. Next time hire bouncers that at least have gone through high school.
I thought about spending a couple thousand dolars inside but by the way they treated me I decided to leave somewhere else,.. and I have to add I am a good looking guy I guess, well educated, and was wearing some nice cloth, so its not like they had an excuse whatsoever under there “standards”. A good club its not make by the place itself but by its people and the good vibe and music they have. If you hated just like me spread the bad publicity, sooner than later that will make them be nicer since people are gonna end up going to other clubs. I LOVE Miami! =)specially its beautiful girls!hahah.. but if theres is one place I will NEVER recommend to go to any of my friends that would be club Mynt.

Mynt Club is located at 1921 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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aure does not recommend this business.

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