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Barton G.: The Best Restaurant in Town   5-Star rating

This is *THE* place to go in Miami. This is *THE* place to travel to go to from Homestead to the Palm Beaches. I’ve been to the restaurant about half-a-dozen times and every time has been an absolute pleasure. The presentation of every dish is unique and inspired. The Coconut Crusted Voodoo Shrimp appetizer, I won’t ruin the surprise but its even cooler to look at than to eat (if that’s possible, because it is amazing). The Zen Tuna Trio is a must, as are the Lobster Pop-Tarts. Bass-In-A-Bag, the Fried Chicken (in a big chicken smile), The beef ribs, the lamb chops, the Cowboy steak, and the Macaroni and Cheese (don’t ask just order it) are all items I’ve tried over the years… and ALL, BAR NONE… have been just out of this world. The price tag might be a shocker if its your first time, expect to drop about $125 per head with a round or two of drinks. But it is the best meal you’ll have in town. Its a fun place, with the best service outside of NYC. When I want to impress, this is top of my list. When I want to guarantee everyone who’s coming out has a blast, this is the only option. I LOVE this place, and will be back again and again.

Barton G. is located at 1427 West Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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Alan recommends this business.

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