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cafe nuvo. : The management is very unprofessional   5-Star rating

My girlfriends and i went to eat at cafe nuvo. the waiterwent to bring us our glasses and dropped all three glases causing them to shatter at our feet. the waiter came over and asked if e were ok and sprayed my friend with antiseptic since she had gotten glass in her foot from the waiters mistake. during the course of our meal the question was asked that if my friend could not take the glass out of her foot later at the hotel would they be responsible for the bill if it came to that. the manager steven was brought over irate and yelling making a scene i would never recommend this place and i contacted the better business bureau as well. the food is horrible as well and bathroom is dirty

cafe nuvo. is located at 412 Espanola Way., Miami Beach.

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cafenuvo recommends this business.

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