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Boulevard Hotel: This hotel staff was so bad we had to call the cops   2-Star rating

Before you continue reading, let me just say all u have to know is: DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!

I decided to book a weekend in South Beach for my boyfriend’s birthday, we visited Miami about 2 years ago and fell in love with the everything this city had to offer us. We decided then, that if we ever re-visited South Beach we would stay on Ocean Drive to get the most out of our vacation.  Well, what a MISTAKE that was!  We checked in on Friday, and the hotel’s central air conditioning was broken due to a compressor failure. (or at least this is what they told us) What hotel these days has central air in the first place?!!!!  You aren’t able to control your AC even if it was working!  We didn’t mind so much the first day, because they told us that the compressor was being fixed by the AM, and if it wasn’t fixed that they would compensate us.  Well Saturday came and still no A/C.  The young guy at the front desk told us that we would be compensated when we checked out on Sunday.  Well Sunday check out time came, and the manager who was the rudest P.O.S. I have ever met told us there was nothing he could do for us, and then we heard him speaking to someone on the phone in Spanish saying he was going to kick our ass if we didn’t leave.  So I called the cops on him and caused a huge scene.  When the cops came, he told them to tell us to call back on Monday and speak with the owner.  Well we called back Monday and Tuesday and the “owner” basically doesn’t exist.  NOT ONLY was the manager a crazy, rude liar, but our room smelled like cat pee and looked nothing like the pic they show u on online.  The hotel “Colony” next door is so much nicer and has nicer staff.  I would recommend going there instead of this dump.  They should definitely burn down this hotel because everything about it SUCKS!

Boulevard Hotel is located at 740 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach FL 33139.

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Luvnmissny21 does not recommend this business.

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