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Hosteria Romano: Treated Like a Tourist   2-Star rating

My wife and I walked along Espanola Way last night,enjoying the ambience and shopping for a nice restaurant. We were attracted to the prime location and lively vibe coming from Hosteria Romano and were escorted to a table.We were encouraged to try the drink special of the night, a Strawberry Mojito. I ordered one and my wife ordered a Canadian Club and Diet Coke.We found it a bit odd to have her drink served in what was apparently a glass of ice water with the vestiges of the liquor swirling vaguely in there, barely noticeable. The drink was served with a separate can of Diet Coke so, instead of making an issue of it, we just asked for a separate glass so that we could attempt to re-mix it as best as possible. We studied the extensive menu and had a few things in mind but the waiter insisted that, instead of looking at the menu we should just order their special of the night, a Chilean Sea Bass dinner. We said we’d share that dinner and chomped on some bread. A little time passed and then we were informed that the special was out. Since it was only 5:45 pm, we were a bit surprised and expected to get the menu back. Instead, he returned to take our new order and we just decided to have the shrimp scampi instead. The dinner came out about two minutes later, obviously not cooked to order, and was divided for us. My wife, who loves parmesan cheese, requested a bit of grated cheese for her dish. The waiter looked like we had blasphemed the Pope and stated in no uncertain terms that the boss would fire him if he put cheese on shrimp here. He went on to tell us that there are “no cows in the ocean” as if we were from the boondocks. I said, what if the customer likes shrimp parmesan (we’ve had it in plenty of nice restaurants elsewhere). He insisted we eat it as it is but that if absolutely necessary, he’d sneak a bit to our table. We told him to forget it if it’s such a problem. The scampi, frankly, was plain and unremarkable. It could have used a bit of cheese, to tell the truth and that is how we, the paying customers, would have preferred it.

We decided to eat it, finish our drinks and move on to another spot for dessert. When the check came I asked my wife why two drinks and one small dish of shrimp scampi would add up to 67 dollars. They had charged $17.25 for her drink. (14 for the whiskey and another 3.25 for the Coke.)They also included a 18% tip and a donation for a local hospital. Would we have ordered that drink if we’d known they were charging that much? Did I choose to donate to a hospital during dinner? The fact is we would have enjoyed being treated like guests, rather than one-time tourists who can take it or leave it. We’re entertaining guests next week and we won’t be going back to Hosteria Romano. And if my guests want a little grated cheese while they’re at my house I’ll be happy to comply.

Hosteria Romano is located at 429 Espanola Way, Miami Beach,.

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Experienced diner does not recommend this business.

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1 Comments on

"Treated Like a Tourist"

Daniele says:

Come on ...Parmesan on the shrimps…i am an Italian waiter, and i have seen it all here in the States, but that is one thing that you guys should learn when eating out. Apart from the rest, the server was dead right on not wanting to grate Parmesan on the shrimps!!!!

Posted on 09/05/2008 at 1:16 AM

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