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Tuscon Steak: Tuscon Steak is Expensive   1-Star rating

I found this restaurant on Miami 411. The pricing they have on the entrees were $15 and up which I thought was good. Well come to find out when I sat down the menu was not what they said. My husband and I order 2 dinks and they were $14 per dink, and they were small I drank mine in 3 sips.that is a rip off.also there was nothing less then $22 meal which is fine if it wasn’t pasta. A steak was no less then $40 and you had to pay for your own sides thats is unbelievable. They want to charge that much and just gived you meat.well we left.also the waiter was trying to get close to my husband if you know what i mean….so we do not recommend it.

Tuscon Steak is located at 433 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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mary does not recommend this business.

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3 Comments on

"Tuscon Steak is Expensive"

Gus says:

Yes, the restaurant can be expensive, it all depends on what you order. Did you share an appetizer and an entree? Most of the items on the menu are meant to be shared.

Two people can share:

OPTION A - small house salad, ny steak, side dish

OPTION B - small house salad, salmon, side dish

OPTION C - small house salad, chicken picatta

OPTION C - small house salad, 3 mushroom risotto

When it comes to the side dishes, I suggest sharing spicy broccoli, or 1/2 smoke mashed potato and 1/2 sweet.

Posted on 10/29/2006 at 3:45 AM

Andrea Lund says:

We went to the Tuscan Steakhouse (7/30) and were terribly disappointed.  When we first arrived at our table, the waiter was very annoying.  Constantly asking what we want to drink, what we want to eat, what wine do we want…we just sat down!  Then we’re looking over the menu, and couldn’t find anything that looked worth the money!  The waiter is back again…as my kids put it-“it’s like he’s stalking us”.  Finally he asks us if he want garlic bread-ok we’ll have some while we decide on food.  We’ll take some water too.  As the garlic bread is delivered (4 small pieces), I notice “truffle garlic bread” on the menu-  $14.95. Next thing the waiter comes back and asks “do you like the truffle garlic bread?”.  Now I’m convinced we DON’T want to eat here.  We ask for the check- our waiter is so insulted…we end up paying almost $30 for garlic bread and two bottles of water.  Glad we left when we did!  SO OVER RATED!!!!

Posted on 01/22/2007 at 4:05 PM

Daniele says:

Cheapskates like you ruin the business. Next time go to McDonald’s buddy!

Posted on 09/05/2008 at 9:50 AM

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