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Latitude on the River Condo: Unfriendly Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe Management   2-Star rating

I have lived here for a year. The Condo Association/Management is the most unfriendly management I have ever encountered.  Any visit into the offices no matter how slight the concern is greeted with a confrontational Blonde woman who is hell bent on making sure she visually appears aggitated, informs you about “procedures” and “rules” that seem to change at her convenience.  Even simple concerns about building safety are confronted with egregious brutatlity. You shall never question her authority or ability to rule as a dictator over the building. I’m glad I’m a renter…you couldn’t pay me enough to own in the building. They underpay the secutiry staff and take advantage of the good employees which results in an ever changing turn over of employees in the building. UNFRIENDLY TO MILITARY.  I had concerns about access to my building while deployed.  I wanted friends to be able to check up on my place and take care of my things. Even though I have a parking space in the building, because of the associations change in rules, my friends would not be able to use my space and would have to pay to valet their cars if they were trying to help me.  The building was unwilling to make any concessions or alterations to their rules to accomodate my deployment, though they would have been simple, convenient, and legal.

I try to avoid any interaction with the office at all, because you always leave angry.  They are rude to the max with no provocation.  I have never, never encountered such hostility!

Latitude on the River Condo is located at 7th St. SW 2nd Ave., Miami.

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crashed_in_miami does not recommend this business.

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