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Opium Garden: Very dissapointed with Opium   1-Star rating

On Friday 11/10/2006 I was in South Beach with 4 of my male guy friends that were visiting from out of town. I am the only girl with them. The guy from the front door completely ignored us, he was a total jerk!!! He let so many people in ahead of us…. so I decided to ask him what was his deal. He says to me I need to be patient after waiting for 20 mins. or more I asked him again what was the problem??  There was no one waiting in line to get in. People are walking out of the club, Obviously there is room inside because people were coming out. He told me you take care of me and I will take care of you.( $$$) Meaning as in give him money additional to what we would have had to pay already in order for him to let us in. Pay him extra $$$ for us to be able to get in???? I thought that was absolutely ridiculous from him. Maybe if Iwould have been able to get in, I would have had a better impression. But if that is the way of welcoming a customer when you are trying to get in somewhere, I must say that so far the door boys of this club need some serious training at customer service. Horrible first impression.

Opium Garden is located at 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach FL 33139.

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Sary does not recommend this business.

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