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Vita: Vita restaurant reviewed   5-Star rating

Too bad you cannot eat the courtyard! Apparently this is all Vita has going for it. My husband and I are avid diners.  We are eager to share our discoveries with friends and relatives.  This time, our recent discovery is not one to share - shame on you Vita; we had very bad food!

Although the setting is lovely, we cannot recommend its cuisine. The pizza was horrible, rubbery-like, and worst of all: no cheese!  C’mon! For the price they charge, this is an absurd!  We ordered for appetizer, zuchini blossoms and were highly disapointed. They were very oily and tasted like old grease.  They were soggy and totally tasteless, not to mention, the portion was so little it should be renamed: mini-tizers! The polenta was anything but Italian - a minimal portion lacking flavour. Even your local mall can offer more decent food than beautiful Vita.

If you are really going out to dine at Vita, grab a bite on your way there (they are not generous with their portions) and enjoy the open courtyard. Hope for a dry night and cross your fingers the staff is in a good mood. We got the worst service performed by unexperienced waiters, and hosts with the worst gloomy faces and unfriendly attitude.

Vita is located at 1906 Collins Ave., Miami Beach,.

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Kathleen Oliver does not recommend this business.

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