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Vita Restaurant & Lounge: Viva Vita!   4-Star rating

This contemporary chic French, Italian, Mediterranean restaurant is the perfect place for great food and a bubbly crowd. The outdoor garden is always overflowing with lavish guests mingling and dining among the lush tropical foliage. The rest of the room features a lengthy bar, white-clothed tables, tall chocolate-brown banquettes, and a superb waitstaff. You can tell how good the food is just by looking it (if the smells haven’t overcome your senses by then). My favorite dish was the baked, herbed ricotta tortini, with paper-thin shavings of raw asparagus dressed with bright basil vinaigrette and a dash of tomato. This is the perfect spot to hit before a full night of clubbing!

Vita Restaurant & Lounge is located at 1906 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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Danielle recommends this business.

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