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American Watersports: Watch for scams   1-Star rating

My friend and I went out for 30 min and had a good time on the water. However, when I got back the fender was missing and there was a gaping hole. I did not hit anything except the water. They said there was $2000 worth of damages. Another guy who was also riding at the same time as me hit a pylon in the water, which caused the fender to fall off and a small (much smaller than mine) hole (that was $500 in damages) Apparently my jet ski was just in the shop for body work. (my guess is a replacement fender which would cover the entire hole) Since I know that I could not have possibly done that damage by myself, I refused to pay. They said the FWC would come give me a ticket (for the crash that no one saw) and it would be settled in court. Throughout the whole process of figuring out whether I should just pay or take the ticket, they tried to get as much money out of me as possible and were very reluctant to have the FWC come give me a ticket. I decided to take the ticket. They told me the FWC would just mail me a ticket and it would be settled in court. A few days later, the $500 deposit that you are required to put down appeared on my credit card. I am still waiting for my ticket and court date to uncover their scam.

American Watersports is located at 300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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scubasteve does not recommend this business.

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"Watch for scams"

Adam Burnett says:

Hello, My name is Adam and I am one of the owners of American WaterSports. I can assure you that “fenders” don’t just fall off and we absolutely would not charge you for damage(s) that you didn’t cause. Before going on the water each renter is asked to review the damages on their jet ski and point out anything that you see. The fender is actually a rub rail and is only 2 inches wide, so you would have seen a gaping hole. We would not send a jet ski out with a gaping hole because it could sink. Also, we send a guide with each group to watch the renters and keep them under control. My guess is that this is a fake review left by a competitor in order to hurt our profile. The fact that your name is scubasteve and guy by the name of Steve works at Jet Ski Tours of Miami would confirm my suspicion.

Posted on 01/08/2013 at 11:22 AM

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