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Days Inn Oceanside: What a horrible hotel   1-Star rating

What a waste of time.  I booked this hotel back in December through Priceline and was extremely excited when I found out I was staying at this hotel.  From the website, it looked beautiful.  I couldn’t believe I get a hotel on the ocean for $83!!!  And when I found out the going rate was $209, I thought such a deal!!!  I was a little nervous when I saw these reviews, but I just hoped they weren’t true…as this was a christmas present to my boyfriend to fly him here and go to the boat show. When we drove up, the valet drivers, whom we couldn’t understand, kept saying valet, valet?  I didn’t know what was going on so I just told him we were checking in. The hotel at that point looked immaculate. The lobby was beautiful! It was 2:30 pm and check-in was 3.  They told us the room wasn’t ready yet…so I thought, no biggie, I guess…we’re early anyways, they have until 3 So, the guy took our car, but followed us all over expecting a tip maybe or something, but I thought…forget that…you are going to MAKE me pay $16 a day to park my car across the street…you aren’t getting anymore…sorry.  So, we came back at 3:30…she said the room was still not ready!!! Now, I am getting mad, as we only had 3 days in Miami, and most of it was being wasted in this stupid hotel. I said well when is it going to be ready, because we have nothing more we can do but sit in this lobby Finally, she found us a king-size room at 4pm…one hour AFTER the check-in time.  So, we go up to the room (YES, the elevators really ARE horrible!).  The room really wasn’t that bad, it was nice…but the bathroom SUCKED!  You almost felt dirtier after taking a shower!  Not only that, but I opened up the shades…and saw the street….I RESERVED AN OCEAN VIEW ROOM!!!  But, because it wasn’t ready, they stuck me in any old room! 

DO NOT GO INTO THE BAR (BEACHES) IN THE BASEMENT!!!!  OH MY GOD!  Service is horrible!  It took a half hour to get our salad, and then another half hour after that to get our meal!  Which, by the way was terrible.  Cheap spaghetti noodles soaked in butter with 6 little shrimp around the outside of the plate. What a joke. We went to Walgreens before we ate there, and because those horrible waitresses never came by us, we had to dig in our bag and pull out our bottled water to fill up our glasses! The guy next to us said “I was going to order dessert, but my flight leaves tomorrow at 3…because he sat forever too!  To top it off, a guy dragged a garbage bag right past us and out through the front door…a no-no for OSHA, which I will be contacting.  So, after complaining on checkout because they wouldn’t let us checkout late (But they can take their time checking us in)...I didn’t have to pay for the Valet parking.  BEWARE…they automatically charge you for some safe…which I didn’t even know I had access to!!!

Days Inn Oceanside is located at 4299 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140.

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Kari does not recommend this business.

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"What a horrible hotel"

Brenda says:

The last time I stayed at Days Inn Oceanside was in 2000.  It has been going downhill.  It is like they do not put any money into it for upkeep.  I enjoyed my stay there in 1997 but oh what 3 years can do to a hotel.  The reviews I am reading now prove that they still haven’t done anything to improve it.  That is a very scary thought.

Posted on 10/31/2008 at 12:25 PM

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