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Escopazzo: What a shame   1-Star rating

The owner was not there that night (I know this because I wanted to complain to them), maybe that was the problem.  After waiting nearly TWO (2) hours for our main course to finally come out of the kitchen, we were underwhelmed by the taste.  A simple pasta with butter for my young son came out with Gargonzola sauce instead, then, as they were serving us, the waiter informed my wife that they forgot her dish and also, they were out of it. So, she ordered something simple and quick as we were now starving.  The over salted food was not only overdone but just plain bad.  We almost walked out - having never walked out of a restaurant in my life, this was a true low point in South Beach dining for our family.  My older son still jokes about this restaurant - when a restaurant becomes a family joke, that’s an indication there’s a problem.  I’ll NEVER go back, never subject my family to that and never recommend them.  Awful.  Simply and completely awful.

Escopazzo is located at 1311 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

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T. Ash does not recommend this business.

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