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Cheeseburger Baby: Workers need to stop smoking herb at work   2-Star rating

I recently spent a December week in Miami working at Art Basel.  Part of my job was to get food for my boss several times a day.

I went to Cheeseburger Baby three times.  The burgers are great when and if you get them. However,  I am in complete disbelief at how incompetent the staff were!

First time:  Had to repeat my order (hamburger, no cheese, fries, and a beer) about ten times to the genius working the register.  He finally got it inputted correctly.  Got my food but was charged ($1 extra) for a cheeseburger - “F-it,” I said, and did not protest about the error. 

Second time:  Ordered a couple burgers and fries - the rocket scientist forgot to drop the fries and I did not have time to wait - F-it again - I told the stoners they could just hook me up on the fries the next day. 

Third time: I go in, order some food to go and, just to give them pleeeeeeeenty of time, ate a burger myself at the counter.  A few more people came in and placed orders while I was eating and the guys behind the counter were so buried in the weeds I could not believe it.  WTF??  I waited 20 minutes and, with no sign of my burger and fries ever coming up, I asked for my money back.  I almost wanted to grab the couple bucks out of the tip jar I had left but, honestly, I sorta felt sorry for these guys - if they can’t even properly run a fast food burger joint, the poor fuckers probably don’t have a whole lot to look forward to in their lives besides low-paying menial labor.  So, whatever about the tip. 

Although Cheeseburger Baby has the best burgers in that 2-3 block area, unless you have taken 4mg of Xanax or have the patience of a dead person, I would highly recommend AGAINST going there.

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