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Nexxt Cafe: World class incompetent service at the bar   2-Star rating

Busy place. I go inside to speak to the bartender for takeout. After ignoring me for 10 minutes, even though he was less than 5 ft from me and talking to no one, I finally give him my order for a Smoothie. So he takes strawberry syrup, dumps it in a glass, adds water and some ice cubes. Even a moron knows a smoothie is smooth, and the ice must be put in a blender. Duh! I told him he could drink it and walked out, never to return. And I work right across the street everyday. But this is the type of service I’ve come to expect in Miami.

Nexxt Cafe is located at 700 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Dave Bleser does not recommend this business.

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