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SunCruz Casino: Worst Boat Ever   1-Star rating

The website is very misleading. We thought we were to be on the nice big ship and ended up on an old fallen apart one leaving from Jacksonville, FL. First of all, the food was not fit to eat, plus there was not enough seating for everyone. If you are going to serve food you should have plenty of seats. No drink came with the meal, the boat had a terrible smell. Not to mention there was no room to move. The music was so loud you could not hear yourself think. We had four in our group and we were all sick. I have been on two cruises and two gambling boats and have never experienced anything like this. No one seemed to know what they were doing. I hated it and so did the rest of the group. All over the boat you heard people complaining. You need not lie about the boat on the web just tell the truth: enter at your own risk because we don’t give a damn about if you are enjoying the boat.

SunCruz Casino is located at 4378 Ocean Street, Mayport, Florida 32233.

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Derinda does not recommend this business.

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2 Comments on

"Worst Boat Ever"

Shelley from Pittsburgh, PA says:

I completely agree with Derinda. Save your money and time! I just went this cruise (April 28, 2007)while in Jacksonville for a conference. The slot machines were “old-fashioned” requiring special tokens. No paper tickets; only 25 cents and $1 variety. My friend waited over an hour to get in a poker game! And you really only get about 3 and one half hours of gambling time;  The bathroom was awful. The only thing positive I can say besides finally getting off the boat, is that the staff for the most part were nice. I give the cocktail waitresses a lot of kudos for navigating the narrow spaces while maintaining their balance. I would never do this again; give me a place on land with TITO.

Posted on 04/30/2007 at 11:39 AM

kimberly says:

I agree somewhat with Derinda’s review of the Suncruz Casino boat in Jacksonville. I too was very displeased with the Location, Atmosphere,Lack Of food,Small size, and Rude waitresses. However I have also been on the Suncruz casino boat In Cape Canaveral,Fl. as well and it was far nicer and friendlier and bigger and FREE. I was surprised that I had to pay $10 to get on the one in Jacksonville because I had been on the one in Canaveral several times and never had to pay. All in all I would not recommend boarding the one in Jacksonville, but I do highly Recommend Gambling aboard the More Spacious,Free,Better casino boat in Cape Canaveral!!

Posted on 06/05/2008 at 2:52 PM

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