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Henrosa Hotel: Worst dump you’ve ever seen   2-Star rating

I would not allow my dog to stay here. The room they showed me to had just been painted so was full of fumes. The airconditioning was broken, so the windows were open to the courtyard, bare and with some sort of machine making a lot of noise. There was no furniture other than a sagging bed. No pillows. No linens in the bathroom. The ancient carpet covered with paint spatters. Bare concrete floor showing in areas. The bathroom incredibly filthy, as was the entire “room.” All this for $177 a night during Art Basel Miami Beach. I couldn’t believe they were even allowed to rent rooms. Needless to say I immediately found another hotel.

Henrosa Hotel is located at 1435 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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nsmith does not recommend this business.

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1 Comments on

"Worst dump you’ve ever seen"

terence says:

BEWARE we booked on!!! This is a switch and bate advertisement!!  What you see in this overview is NOT the hotel you will be staying at!!  These pictures are of a really nice hotel called The Hotel Ocean it is directly across from the beach. Henrosa Hotel is a complete shack one dirty crack away from being considered condemned!!  The location is the only thing this hotel has going for it!!  The floors are filthy; we found bottle caps under our bed.  The water pressure….....what water pressure!!  I had to fill up a cup and pour it over my head.  The white ceilings where black with dust from the fan, there where pubic hairs in the shower, the windows where spotted with dirt and you couldn’t even see out of them, the blinds had missing sections and where half hanging, there was a burn hole in the comforter, and there was not even a remote for the TV!!  Our toilet got plugged and it was a complete chore for them to find a toilet plunger they came in sprinkled some kind of chemical and told us not to flush it for a couple of hours!!  Oh ya and the best part…. our room was on the 3rd floor and the elevator was blocked with a bench…“not in service”!!!  Renovation…What renovation?!! It consisted of new lighting for the lobby and a new glass sink for the lobby bathroom!!  I would rather spend the night on the beach!!  When we approached the hotel staff about the switch and bate….they agreed and new exactly what we where talking about but the reservation is NON-refundable!! Do NOT Book this Hotel unless you are OK sleeping in complete disgust!!!

Posted on 05/07/2009 at 1:45 PM

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