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Hotel Harrison: Worst place EVER   1-Star rating

This was the worst place I’ve ever been. EVER. From the dirty rooms to the disc\gusting manager, I do not remember any hotel this bad and I am from D.C. I thought I had seen the worst of the worst. But alas, i was WRONG.  There were bottom level hookers wandering the dark, dirty hallways and there was a mouse trapped behind the trim in my bathroom that would not stop squeaking and could only fit its head out of the new bathroom tile. The air conditioning did not work and the manager/owner asked me to leave because he saw me bring my own cleaning supplies, sheets and a desk fan. He said that it was not an apt and he had apartments if i wanted to move into one. He pretty much kicked me out and tried to get me into one of his other buildings. Oh, yeah.  Ii locked my keys in the room and had to use a bank card to get into the room and just for fun i opened every room in my hallway with the card and left soon after.  My summary is: just do not go to this God forsaken place and, if you have the power or even the chance, try to screw this place over for fun.  At least to get them back for all the crap they give to the guests.

Hotel Harrison is located at 411 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL.

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