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Sterling Casino Cruise: Worth the Adventure   4-Star rating

The Cape Canaveral Sterling Casino Cruise is a great opportunity to have a little get away at your price. Some people have more and spend more and some people have less and can spend less, it is your choice. Sterling however sets the atmosphere and offers a great adventure at no cost to you. The cruise is nice and offers a view of Florida’s east coast line while providing the opportunity for gamblers to enjoy themselves.

Reservations are suggested although not necessary and they are simple. Just a name and how many passengers are expected and on which cruise.

Bring a picture ID and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure. If you prefer to play a certain type of slot or table game as soon as gambling begins; you should arrive slightly earlier. Upon arrival you check in and are given your boarding ticket completely free of charge and can wait in line out back where there is a nice little tiki bar that offers drinks for cost. If you prefer not to pay for your drinks, just wait a bit and after the cruise ship leaves, it’s all free.

Once boarded on the ship, many players “reserve” their machine or table position with their ticket and/or players card. While this may seem an “inconvenience” to some of the “visitors” of the cruise; this is a common occurrence on many day and evening cuises. (Not to worry, they will not occupy those spots for the entire cruise and if you are patient, the game spot will become available.)

Once boarded, there is FREE food available in at least two different locations and is presented buffet style. While the food is not elegant and sit down in style, it certainly fills the spot and is available for free during the entirety of the cruise.

The ride past the mile limit where gambling can initiate, is quick and painless. No more than 40-45 minutes and at times seems quicker, because you are not confined and can move about, view the games, explore, eat, drink, dance, and have fun.

In addition, there are outdoor seating and viewing areas as well as a small dance floor, bars, and live entertainment.

Although the ship shows signs of pride and maintenance, unfortunately the smoke smell is innate and embedded in the carpet. While it may seem overwhelming upon your initial boarding, to non-smokers, it quickly assimilates and you hardly notice it. The active smoke content while cruising is also a minimum in comparison to other competitors.

Anyone looking for a small getaway for a great value should enjoy this opportunity!

Sterling Casino Cruise is located at 180 Jetty Drive - Terminal 2, Port Canaveral, FL 32920.

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Lexi recommends this business.

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