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Boulevard Hotel: You get what you pay for   1-Star rating

Stayed at this hotel last weekend (July 06). When I booked the room, Expedia mentioned a free continental breakfast—but upon arrival, the hotel staff told me Expedia customers DO NOT qualify for the free breakfast. I was disappointed and felt lied to. Room looks nothing like pictures on the websites: they are really old & shabby. Everything is stained, from the comforters to the rugs. Rooms are really small, bed is not very comfortable. Sheets have cigarette burn holes. Towels are paper thin. Room had an old fan shaking & whirring loudly all night and NO air conditioning. The TV worked but something was wrong with the audio and voices were all out of whack—I’ve never heard female newscasters who sounded like men until I turned on this TV set. Window faced a dirty alley where a family of 6 alley cats lived. Huge roaches and flies appeared from nowhere even though windows were closed. Window blinds were inoperable. Checkout was at 11am and our departing flight wasn’t until 3pm, so we asked the staff to hold our bags for us so we wouldn’t have to lug them to breakfast. The staff proceeded to Master Lock our bags to a wall in an open hallway. We were not impressed and lugged our bags with us to breakfast in the South Beach heat. Looking for the positive in all this, the hotel is close to everything and is steps from the beach. It’s relatively inexpensive so if you’re a college student or looking to spend your time in FL drunk, this hotel is for you. If you’re expecting amenities, forget about it. You’re lucky you get toilet paper.

Boulevard Hotel is located at 740 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach FL 33139.

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Michelle does not recommend this business.

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